Metropolis: a key-value store for Rack

Metropolis is a Rack application used to store key value pairs. It seeks to emulate the TokyoTyrant HTTP interface, but allows access to multiple databases through a single TCP port. It hashes keys to split keys between different on-disk databases to work around scalability limitations of the kernel, hardware and filesystem.



You can get the latest source via git from the following locations:

git:// (mirror)

You may browse the code from the web and download the latest snapshot tarballs here:

Inline patches (from “git format-patch”) to the mailing list are preferred because they allow code review and comments in the reply to the patch.

We will adhere to mostly the same conventions for patch submissions as git itself. See the Documentation/SubmittingPatches document distributed with git on on patch submission guidelines to follow. Just don’t email the git mailing list or maintainer with Metropolis patches.


All feedback (bug reports, user/development discussion, patches, pull requests) go to the mailing list:

Mailing list archives in mbox format may be downloaded here:

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